This is the story of how Mr Digital transformation (Popularly known as Mr DT) and Mr Technological Wave (Popularly known as Mr TW) took over almost all the business operations and activities when Mr Pandemic hit the world with its warrior The Corona Virus. Mr DT was there in the world for a very long time slowly trying to prove its importance and take over its control over the world. But until 2019, Mr DT and Mr TW were not entirely successful in their mission especially when it comes to receiving acceptance from the older generations. But in 2019, when the entire world was hit by Mr Pandemic’s warrior The Corona Virus a.k.a. COVID 19, and when the entire world was locked down and stuck, people had no choice but to accept the proposal of Mr DT and Mr TW. People had to transform from their old methods to digital methods and technology took over.

Yes, this is the story of the digital transformation and technological advancements that took place when the pandemic hit the world. It’s not that people did not use technology earlier or offices did not get automated earlier, but the magnitude of this change was exponential in the past two years or post-COVID Virus break down. People tried and waited for a long time. But the virus did not have any plans to leave this world so easily. Ultimately, in order to cope up with the lockdowns and for survival, all industries, one by one had to accept and acknowledged and finally embrace technological advancements and digital transformation.

Now from shopping to food delivery, from education to entertainment and from meetings to classes, everything is happening and the world is running with the help of these technologies. Platforms like Google Meet, Zoom meetings, G-Suite, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Zomato, Swiggy, Flipkart, Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, et cetera have taken over. Not just that, but almost all people of all age groups are even aware of these platforms as well. Not just that, but people are using these platforms widely as well.

Earlier, meetings had to happen from offices and classes were to be taken inside classrooms. But that is not the case, post-COVID. Our homes are transformed into Offices and Schools. Also, we enjoy the convenience that food, clothing, daily essentials and all the other things are being delivered at your footsteps.

But like any other thing, these changes also had their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us examine a few of the advantages, positives or uses and disadvantages, negatives or problems of this transformation.


The below-given points are a few of the problems or issues of the technological and digital transformation:

  1. The change was very fast- So not all people get enough time to study this trends and hence they had problems coping up with these trends. For example, for some kids especially in the high schools and primary schools might find these online classes, activities and homeworks harder to accept and to cope up with it. This is also the case of those employees who are sticklers of old methods and who dont know much acquainted with technology.
  2. Health issues like problems for eyes, stress, anxiety, depression and so on- Due to the sudden change and inability to go outside or due to being inside their homes for a very longer period, these health related issues became more these days. Also this led to a fear in their minds about losing their jobs to automation and so on.
  3. Games and series being an addiction or obsession- I am not saying that this is entirely the contribution of the post-pandemic period. Or neither am I generalizing it, but this obsession is a truth to an extend. One of the reason for this is that when people are exposed to only some particular thing for a very long period, then they tend to develop obsession over it. This might be a reason for Stockholm Syndrome as well. Stockholm Syndrome is when a hostage feels some kind of attraction towards the person who captives him/her during captivity. This is often a false feeling due to the reason that the hostage spends more time with the captor and feels that they starts to like their captor. Nothing for so long is good afterall.
  4. Lack of physical movements and exercises due to extended use of technology.


Even though there are some disadvantages there are a number of advantages as well. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Coping up and fighting the Pandemic- These technologies have enabled us to fight with the COVID 19 to a great extend and also helped to revive the economy back to somewhat normal. Infact these technologies kept us all sane in this insane world.
  2. Miles far, yet so close- Even though everyone were very far from each other, we were all close and connected. We were able to help each other.
  3. We kept our routine going- When the entire world were locked down in their respective houses, we were able to go to our classes, work from homes like working from offices and so on. All thanks to the technologies and digital transformation that took place.
  4. Even though we were in an emergency situation, not jist the privileged one’s but also the middle and lower class people were able to get their basic needs fulfiled. Thanks to the technologies and also the very generous hearts who helped the underprivileged people even through small contributions.

The above-mentioned points are just a few of the various advantages of technological advancements and digital transformations.

When we analyse the future, we can see that even though we will find ways to overcome the COVID, people will still stick on to at least some of the technological developments and so on in the future as well. For example, many people will remain working from the comforts of their own homes and keep shopping from their homes for a long time to come as well.

Let’s all wait and watch what’s to happen in the future…. People will overcome all hurdles and the future is bright… That’s what I want to believe.