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Today’s business owners have access to a lot of digital marketing and branding tools that can help their businesses thrive, but they have to know how to use them effectively if they want to see positive results. Digital marketing and branding provide opportunities to attract new customers, improve the loyalty of existing ones, and raise awareness of your business in general. But without the right approach, you’ll waste money on ineffective strategies that only make you look bad in the eyes of your customers and potential clients.

We continuously seek between design and technology. For over a decade, we’ve helped businesses to craft honest, emotional experiences through strategy, brand development, graphic design, AI Development, and software development. Our team is hand-picked to provide the right balance of skills to work. We started as an event Management company and diversified our portfolio into creative branding and technological company. As the name Mirakki portrays we stand for the group of people who loves to do creative and innovative things in their work. Hence we nailed that, we acquired the top-notch brilliant, efficient, creative talents to create a purposeful and creative solution for the brands that we are engaged with. We have been simplifying both marketing, IT services, and amplifying brands for more than three years.

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AI Development

We enable your business to offer a great customer experience and become smarter by implementing AI into your products and business operations

Website Development

We Create an intuitive user-friendly website to make your brand portray and interact with their clients.

App Development

We apply technology to integrate your brand to online and interact consistently with your users bringing apps into action through scalable technologies

Creative Branding

We refine, rediscover and redefine the brand through a rigorous and well thought out process to create a unique and distinct brand

Digital Marketing

We will work with your brand to create a strong online presence and implement a holistic approach for promoting your business, generating leads, and creating a brand awareness

Corporate Video Production

Our stunning team of eye-catching videographers and editors carefully crafts each frame to instantly strike a chord with consumers leading to faster recall times and repeat business

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Mirakki Design is an emerging Event Management, Creative Branding, and Software development organization based in Kerala that is daring to be different from its competitors. The idea of building MD was seeded in 2016 with an aim to bring innovation in the field of designing and event management initially. At present we have culminated ourselves by expanding into wider horizons such as creative branding and software development industry. We attempt to deliver our works in a particularly unique style that is exclusively molded by our talented experts. We continuously explore ways into making our business among the top list - thus compelling our clients to reach out to us beforehand for their big event or for the comprehensive branding of their company. Currently, we are looking forward to setting our company as synonymous in the field of Branding & Technology.

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